For the subjects that don’t apply the abolishgrade program at least they should have apps for aboiling grades and cherish the process of learning

For the subjects that don’t apply the abolishgrade program at least they should have apps for aboiling grades and cherish the process of learning

This short post regarding solving problems with programming is just to give the message of we need to increase the model of abolishgrades program for each subject and some teachers are horrofied for this change. Therefore, at least with having apps for each subject, the students will cherish the process of learning and this will provoque an increase of creativity among the students and not just “pass” with just the requirements of the subject.

For example, I have the subject of Chemistry that doesn’t have the abolishgrade program that this course of solving problems with programming has nonetheless we have an app for this subject and I found it more motivating to keep learning chemistry by playing with the app and abolish percentages of grades. Hence, I believe we need to have in each subject an app in order to exploit the creativity of each person who is studying.

Imagine each course you take has an app to learn more.

The next are images of the app I use to learn and master chemistry, the app is called Elever App. Let’s learn by playing with subject apps!!!




#Final Survey and video experience in computing social good

#Final Survey and video experience in computing social good

In the video conference we started with introducing ourselfes but I was nervous and we discussed about some apps. I talked about the app of the subjects and I found it insteresting that someone agreed with me.

One MacEwan student was talking about use that app as part of having a part- time job nonetheless we commented that here in Tec we have a full study program and we wouldn’t use the app for that. I talked about that because with that app you can have contacts in an easier way.

Moreover, One MacEwan student was talking about the use of an ecological app and I was a little too nervous but what we agree is to have an app to raise awareness among ecological situations.

Furthermore, we talked about the use of an app that can help you for each of your subjects in schools. I talked about the idea because I needed it to explain why do I chose that app as an option. One MacEwan student agreeded with that and talked about problems that he had with teachers and he did not have the time to be near them. Therefore, that was the reason why the MacEwan student chose that app too!!.

In addition, we talked about canadian culture of having less subjects of their university or the weather is about 3°Celsius so its colder than here.

I recommend that we need to have more sessions of computing social good in order to raise awareness between persons that always are using computing skills.

I would participate in a project like this again. Now, let’s take the inniciative to start contributing with social good by introducing the apps that we all chose.



1st Parcial Feedback How Am I doing so far in the course?

1st Parcial Feedback How Am I doing so far in the course?

So far in this partial I am doing fine but I need to mantain all my hard work constant in order to be great in the next months. Therefore, I can mantain my 100.

In the exam in the first exercise I just needed the command return 0; and in the other exercise it wasn’t neccesary to write the main function.

The following images show the exam:



LET’S CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Computing for Social Good!!!

Computing for Social Good!!!

Link of the picture: LINK OF THE PICTURE

Last week I helped this project of computing for social good by doing a first survey based on the presentation that the teacher gave us in the class about how computing can solve real problems that affect every type of community.

4 of the 6 problems I gave in the survey were:

Perhaps, having new apps for each class with games and you are winning points or diamonds in order to exchange those for quizzes or exams or homework or projects and making a decrease of stress among students. Therefore, you will have more healthy students in order to appreciate it more the learning path.

  1. In my family community I have the problem that I know a person that is on a wheel chair and I think computing can help this person by using an app that could control this person’s house such as controlling the lamps, the pump of the water and maybe the gas tank. Therefore you will make this person life easier.

2.In my family community I have the problem that I pay to much for my electricity, so computing can help in developing a software that could increase the power factor near to 1.

  1. In my global community I had the problem that I wasted so much time looking for a manual of CNC machinary where I found it boring and tedious to read all the manual to fix the alarms that the machine was facing. So the computing can help in doing interactive troubleshooting.

In the next part of this project, I will be chating in a video conference with a student from the Grant MacEwan University in order to discuss how computing can benefiate our communities.