In the video conference we started with introducing ourselfes but I was nervous and we discussed about some apps. I talked about the app of the subjects and I found it insteresting that someone agreed with me.

One MacEwan student was talking about use that app as part of having a part- time job nonetheless we commented that here in Tec we have a full study program and we wouldn’t use the app for that. I talked about that because with that app you can have contacts in an easier way.

Moreover, One MacEwan student was talking about the use of an ecological app and I was a little too nervous but what we agree is to have an app to raise awareness among ecological situations.

Furthermore, we talked about the use of an app that can help you for each of your subjects in schools. I talked about the idea because I needed it to explain why do I chose that app as an option. One MacEwan student agreeded with that and talked about problems that he had with teachers and he did not have the time to be near them. Therefore, that was the reason why the MacEwan student chose that app too!!.

In addition, we talked about canadian culture of having less subjects of their university or the weather is about 3°Celsius so its colder than here.

I recommend that we need to have more sessions of computing social good in order to raise awareness between persons that always are using computing skills.

I would participate in a project like this again. Now, let’s take the inniciative to start contributing with social good by introducing the apps that we all chose.



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